Six Reasons to Hire a Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

When a parent divorces or separates, custody, child support, and visitation matters are often contested. These cases can be complex, especially when it comes to fathers’ rights. If you’re struggling with these issues, it’s important to take action immediately to protect your and your children’s legal rights and interests.

When it comes to establishing or challenging paternity, terminating parental rights, obtaining custody, and modifying child support and visitation agreements, hiring a Fathers Rights lawyer is key. An attorney can help you gather evidence, prepare the necessary court paperwork, and fight for your legal rights to obtain what you deserve in your custody and visitation proceedings.

Establishing Paternity

One of the first things that a father has to do to seek his parental rights is to establish paternity through DNA testing or the signing of a birth certificate. These procedures can be lengthy and complicated, so it’s best to hire a fathers’ rights lawyer to help you navigate them.

Terminating Parental Rights

If you are a father who is unhappy with the way your parental rights have been exercised, then you have to file a motion with the courts asking that your parental rights be terminated. This can be a difficult process, and you will need the assistance of a skilled Long Island fathers’ rights attorney to guide you through it.

Custody Trends Show Continuing Improvement for Dads Determining Equal Parenting Time

In the past, when a couple divorced or separated, the court almost always awarded custody to the mother. However, in recent years, there has been a movement toward gender-neutral laws and policies that recognize the importance of both parents in raising a child.

The result is that courts have progressively awarded joint legal decision-making custody and equal parenting time to both mothers and fathers. This trend is likely to continue in 2021, so it’s time to get a solid legal foundation for your relationship with your children.

Fighting Bias and Proving the Case for Fathers’ Rights

The normal bias that many family law judges have when deciding custody disputes is that mothers are more stable and nurturing caregivers than fathers. This is wrong, and it’s essential to fight for your parental rights to ensure that you get the treatment you deserve when attempting to establish or challenge custody of your children.

You may be able to overcome the usual bias by implementing strategies to prove your parenting skills and highlight your strengths as a father. A lawyer specializing in fathers’ rights can help you demonstrate your overall dedication to your children’s well-being and help you build a strong case for your custody and visitation rights.

Your Fathers’ Rights Are Protected

Regardless of your marital status, you have significant fathers’ rights that must be protected. Whether you’re facing a divorce or another type of family dispute, a Phoenix Arizona Fathers Rights lawyer can help you advocate for your rights and ensure that you get the outcomes you deserve in your custody and visitation proceedings.

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